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SealPod FAQ

  • How does SealPod compare to other reusable pods? 
  • SealPod is made of stainless steel as with commercial espresso machine portafilter and do not use lid with holes.
  • Why does SealPod use sticker lid?
  • SealPod use sticker lid with no holes to allow the appropriate pressure to build up for perfect extraction of espresso as evidenced by its crema colour and richness.
  • Why are there two types of sticker lids?
  • The Espresso lids are for making espresso coffee. The specially designed paper filter sticker lids are for tea, filtered coffee or powder-based drink such as cocoa. We use non-bleached paper to filter out excess particles of tea and foam.
  • Can we use filter lids for coffee?
  • Yes, it will be like filtered coffee without crema.
  • How do i know if SealPod is suitable for my Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines?
  • If your Nespresso® machine puntured three holes at the back of disposable capsule, it is compatible with SealPod. 
  • Will SealPod capsules damage my Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machine?
  • No. SealPod with patented design do not come in contact of the puncturing needles in your machine.
  • Do I have to align SealPod when inserting in my Nespresso® machine?
  • No. Just drop in as you normally would.
  • Why is closing the machine more difficult?
  • It is designed as such for best compatibility and performance.
  • Is it easy to remove the sticker lid?
  • Yes. Just allow the capsule to cool down first before removing.
  • How much coffee to fill in SealPod? 
  • About 4.5g of coffee is optimum and will extract 40ml of coffee.
  • Why are there only 2 or 3 holes punctured in the lid?
  • SealPod capsule was not fully filled with coffee.
  • Why is the extraction less than 40ml?
  • Coffee grind is too fine or too much tamping.
  • Why is there no extraction?
  • Coffee grind is too fine.
  • Why is there no crema?
  • Coffee grind is too coarse.
  • Why is the extraction so thin?
  • Coffee grind is too coarse.
  • Why can’t I brew tea or powdered-based drinks.
  • Check that you leave enough space when filling tea leaves in capsule as tea leaves expand when contact with hot water.
  • For powder-based drinks, leave enough space when filling the capsule as they need room to dissolve.
  • What if my grinder can’t grind the coffee to fine or medium fine of 0.4mm to 0.5mm?
  • If you are not able to modify the grind, we recommend these filling techniques: Too fine grind: Do not tamp coffee after filling the capsule. Just fill and apply sticker lid. Too coarse grind: Apply more pressure when tamping the coffee.                                                                                                          


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