Social Mission

Just Coffee Company started with some projects with local partners in Indonesia. We hope to do our part in helping the needy alleviate poverty, oppression and to develop a better standard of living. 

As a social enterprise, our profits are ploughed back towards community projects such as the building of clean drinking-water facilities, sanitation projects, housing, education, etc. With so many projects, we need your support. You can make a difference by shopping here.

Microbusiness Project

The concepts of microenterprise/microbusiness and microfinance were pioneered in 1976 by Nobel Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank (Bank of the Poor), in Bangladesh. 

MIT researchers’ work (March, 2014) suggests that small loans to help poor people become micro-entrepreneurs don’t alleviate poverty.

Our experience in Indonesia suggest that the issue lies not in lack of funds but most critically, lack of co-management.

We have embarked on coconut processing microbusiness in Bali by introducing machines. Machines that improve productivity and not replace human.

Recently, we have also started a fishing microbusiness in Bintan. Jobs was created for two families with profit sharing scheme.

Children Education Project

On-going projects by our local Indonesian partner who provide free tuition and education for needy children. Most of them live in the remote villages and slum areas of Bali.

Various teaching locations in Bali where the children in poor rural areas cannot afford to study in schools.  They have to sit and write on the floor without tables and chairs.

Gifts of tables, chairs, books and stationary are also contributed to assist these needy children.

Shelter House Project

Assisted in the construction of shelter house in Indonesia to provide refuge to unfortunates who were chased out of their family due to extreme conflict in their religious beliefs.  This temporary housing will help them to take the next step in life.

The stages of the construction of a simple shelter house with 4 bedrooms.

Water Project

Commissioned the installation of various water projects in Bali's remote villages where drinkable water is not provided for. With the new water facility, many families can share and enjoy fresh water.

Drilling a well 75m deep into the water basin and installing a electric pump for fresh water.

Building of Water Catchment Tanks

Other Projects

Various projects undertaken by our local partners in Bali.

Food distribution to the needy where they have little means of living. Mahogany tree planting for Green Environment Project. Toilet construction where proper sanitation are not available.