Roast To Order

A good cup of coffee starts from the ground. The flavours of coffee are affected by the coffee varietals, origin's terroir, cultivation, harvesting method, processing method, roasting method and brewing method.

One thing for sure, everyone knows freshly roasted coffee smells and tastes best.

Our Roast-To-Order batch roasting service, we only start roasting after receiving your order.

This is how it works. Orders received by 9:00 am on a working day, will be processed, roasted on the same working day and delivered by SingPost SmartPac on next working day. 

We only offer only selected specialty grade single origin coffee beans from around the world.

Coffee Regions


Roast Level


Our light roast: coffee beans are light brown in colour without oil on the bean surface. This roasting style produces a complex cup of coffee with light body and pronounced acidity which allows you to experience each origin distinctive flavour.

Our medium roast: coffee beans are medium brown in colour without oil on the bean surface. This roasting style produces a balanced cup of coffee in terms of flavour, aroma and acidity with slightly more body than light roast. It can also be used for espresso for those who favor acidity and origin flavour.

Our dark roast: coffee beans are not burnt and oily. We roast substantially lighter than traditional dark roast to retain the precious essential oil. This roasting style produces a heavy body cup of coffee with least acidity, some characteristics of the origin may be muted. The developed sweetness and body present in the coffee is also great for espresso. 

It may be true that certain brew method suits certain roast level but coffee drinking is a cultural and personal preference after all.

Generally speaking, lighter roast for pour-over/ filter, medium roast for higher acidity espresso/ pour-over/ filter and darker roast for traditional espresso/ filter.

In the end, it is still “My Coffee, My Choice”. level.